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Wrinkles and cellulite are a woman’s worst enemies! But worry no more; Sylva Beauty Clinic & SPA offers you an up-to-the-minute facial mesotherapy which is a safe, effective and non-invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation. Mesotherapy targets problem areas by introducing small amounts of medication and/or vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the middle layer of the skin (the mesoderm). It is a non-surgical procedure that rebuilds the skin and gives it an instant enviable glow. Mesotherapy is a treatment that can be used on the face, hair and body. Among its many applications, Mesotherapy can be used for the following:
• Provides anti-aging benefits
• Promotes skin rejuvenation, regeneration and re-hydration
• Strengthens hair and reduces hair loss
• Eliminates cellulite and promotes weight loss
• Diminishes localized fat deposits and adds illustration of the dermis and epidermis

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