Sylva Beauty Clinic & SPA is a high-end destination for all those who love to be pampered and would leave everything behind just to experience a world of serenity, relaxation and euphoria. Founded in 1995 in Lebanon, Kaslik Highway, a beautiful location overlooking Jounieh bay.

Sylva Beauty Clinic & SPA is an owner-managed business under the guidance of Sylva Balian.  Mrs. Balian has been in the beauty industry in Lebanon, Middle East and Europe since 1989.  Teaming up with more than 6 employees and 1 manager, Mrs. Balian constantly follows up with her clients to make sure they are fully satisfied and the results have met their expectations.

Sylva Beauty Clinic & SPA launched its business with the goal of revealing the beauty within each woman. Once you set foot in any of our branches, you enter a haven where peace and professionalism converge and you will benefit from the exceptional beauty and care services leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

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