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Always look your best even when feeling your worst! S-Shape at Sylva Beauty Clinic & SPA is a multi-tasking machine with 7 heads used for the treatment of different body parts; it increases efficiency and comfort during treatment. It is used for:

Body Sculpting
• Lipomassage protocol / exercise and diet resistant localized fat, cellulite, saggy skin
• Circumferential reduction
• Cellulite reduction
• Body Shaping via cellulite treatment
• Post-liposuction treatment via circumferential reduction
• Post-baby treatment via circumferential reduction
• Treat abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, or neck in less than 30 minutes

Facial Anti-Aging
• Liftmassage protocol/ eye lift, instant radiance activator, firming, collagen activation
• Loosening and mobilization of the individual layers of soft tissue

• Therapeutic protocol/ connective tissue, vascular, circulatory, lymphatic...
• Treatment of venous circulation in the legs
• Disorders of lymphatic circulation, swellings

• Pre and post exercise, post trauma
• Preparation for muscle strain
• Regeneration after exercise and strain
• Muscle spasms (stiff muscles)
• Stiff joints
• Scar tissue

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