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Ryokan Spa

Eager to live the ultimate Japanese experience, then the Ryokan Spa at Sylva Beauty Clinic & ...

Skin Care/Facial Treatments

Revitalize and nourish your skin to maintain a younger look! Aimed at customer satisfaction, Sylv...

Body Treatment

Dreaming of a toned, flawless silky-smooth body? Kiss your body insecurities goodbye because Sylv...


Always be good to go with the permanent cosmetic tattoos used to reshape, recolor, recreate, or m...

Hair Removal

Nothing is worse than waking up frustrated from having to do a last-minute shaving! So why don&rs...

Nail Bar

Have the world at your…NAILS! Don’t forget that your hands and feet need a little at...

Medical Esthetic Treatments

Expertly trained and highly-skilled specialists at Sylva Beauty Clinic & SPA will help you lo...

Make Up

Make-up is by far the best invention! Women have the great privilege to always look their best wi...


Yes, I do! Every girl’s dream is to have everything literally perfect on her wedding d...


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Bridal Special Package

+ Facial Treatment
+ Moroccan bath
+ Manicure
+ Pedicure
+ Paraffin H&F
+ Full Body Wax
+ Eyebrow

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